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Living it Up!


 We often don't take the time to recognize the stress we are under. We get caught up in the routines.  Eating something tasty seems innocent enough, but using food out of habit to calm a nerve, pass a boring moment, or conjure up a memory of home can readily become self-defeating for those of us trying to win back our health. Knowing how we relate to food and how can become active is a first step in moving along that road to health. 



 The use of seclusion and restraint has been shown to re-traumatize patients. Hospitals, care facilities and teaching institutions have integrated training that offers alternatives to seclusion and restraint.  "Better" is the story of one woman's journey in and out of seclusion and restraint.  This video offers those alternatives.  It is performed by trained actors and is accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation  and teaching manual. 

Spirit Children


 There remains a belief among some people within a limited area of  northern Ghana, that children born with birth defects are omens of bad fortune.  These "spirit children" as prescribed by custom  are banished or put to death  for the sake of the remaining family and community.  Sister Stan Terese Mario Mumuni along with a small staff takes these children and others into the Nazareth Home for Children. 

A Woman Under Construction


 It is not only about one woman’s recovery from drug addiction, but recovery from the emotional demolition imposed on her family and herself. Her mission is to share the experience of her journey so that people, especially women with unspoken battles like addiction can see it is possible to construct a road into a new and better life.